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The last 6 days of the year

Hulla everybody!

How are you all?

Can you believe that there are only six more days left until the end of the year?

Me neither! It feels as if just a few days back we started 2017. By the way, did any of you fulfill anything from your New Year resolution list? I did. Just one.

I grew a few centimeters taller.

I didn't eat healthily, didn't get sufficient amount of sleep on most days, didn't upload youtube videos regularly and I most certainly did not go to the gym regularly. Basically didn't live a healthy year.

However, I did achieve a lot this year.

I got into a good university, moved to a different country and started living away from my parents. However, I still won't ever get to experience the dorm life as I live with my sister. Not complaining, there are perks of living with your older sister.

I met four of my idols this year.

1) Lilly Singh a.k.a iisuperwomanii on her 'Bawse' book tour.

2) Halsey on her 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' concert.

3) Joyce Robbins

4) Jacqueline Robbins

I went to my first official concert this year, started doing podcasts, got my first volunteering experience working with kids at an elementary school. I did my fair share of volunteering work this year, which I am really proud of.

Oh, also I became the team lead ambassador for an international insurance company.

Personally, I feel I have achieved a lot even if most of my achievements weren't on my New Year resolution list.

Thing is we don't always follow the list because, well, life happens. And every year we are given more opportunities than we can keep track of, we just have to take them and make the most out of them.

This year I made this website. Started writing (almost) daily blogs and I plan to continue them. I don't know what is in store for me next year but I really hope I can get through them well.

To all of you reading this. Thank you very much for your support. I hope to keep on getting this support and not making you guys regret your decision. Have a great ending to this year!

Leave all your regrets (if you can) in this year and start fresh from 2018. Even if it is for a few days, live a little. Happy Early New Year guys!

I am actually going to travel and will be busy with my cousin's wedding the next few days. Don't worry, I scheduled posts for the upcoming days. See you all next year.





Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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