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Top 10 Chick Flick Movies

Updated: May 28, 2019

Hulla Everybody!!

Hope you are all doing well.

Today I am giving you my Top 10 list for Chick Flick movies (in no particular order). Also, if you haven't watched them, I recommend you check them out (Click on the Movie Titles to check out the trailers).

Now it may vary from your list, and that is okay. Over here we are about respecting others opinions. That being said let me know what is in your Top 10 list for chick flick movies.


1) The Proposal (2009)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Actors: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White

Director: Anne Fletcher

Favourite Quote:

Grandma Annie: [upon being introduced to Margaret] Do you prefer Margaret or "Satan's Mistress"?

My Ratings: 8.5/10


2) Love, Rosie (2014)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Actors: Lily Collins, Sam Claflin

Director: Christian Ditter

Favourite Quote:

“I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” ― Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie

My Ratings: 8/10


3) How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (2003)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Actors: Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey, Kathryn Hahn

Director: Donald Petrie

Favourite Quote:

Andie: "Our love fern! You let it die!"

Ben: "No, honey, it's just sleeping."

My Ratings: 9/10


4) The Duff (2015)

Genre: Teen film, Comedy

Actors: Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne

Director: Ari Sandel

Favourite Quote:

"In the end, it isn't about popularity or even getting the guy. It's about understanding that no matter what label is thrown your way, only you can define yourself."

My Ratings: 9/10


5) The Princess Diaries (2001)

Genre: Romance, Teen film, Comedy

Actors: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews

Director: Garry Marshall

Favourite Quote:

[trying to recall the names of Lana and friends]

Joe: "Anna, Falana, Banana, Bandana, Montana..."

My Ratings: 8.5/10


6) Legally Blonde (2001)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Actors: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair

Director: Robert Luketic

Favourite Quote:

Warner Huntington III: "You got into Harvard Law?"

Elle: "What? Like it's hard?"

My Ratings: 9/10


7) Mean Girls (2004)

Genre: Teen Film, Comedy

Actors: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey

Director: Mark Waters

Favourite Quote:

[seeing all the girls fighting]

Mr. Duvall: "Hell, no. I did *not* leave the South Side for this!"[hits fire alarm with a baseball bat]

My Ratings: 8.5/10


8) Wild Child (2008)

Genre: Drama, Teen Film

Actors: Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer

Director: Nick Moore

Favorite Quote:

Poppy: "When the headgirl has earned my respect, then I will shake her hand, biatch!"

Harriet: "I'm sorry?"

Poppy: "Apology accepted."

My Ratings: 8/10


9) 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Genre: Drama, Teen Film

Actors: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles

Director: Gil Junger

Favourite Quote:

Joey: "Mr. Morgan, is there any chance we could get Kat to take her Midol *before* she comes to class?"

Mr. Morgan: "Someday, you gonna get bitch-slapped and I'm not gonna do a thing to stop it."

My Ratings: 9.5/10


10) Easy A (2010)

Genre: Drama, Teen Film

Actors: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley

Director: Will Gluck

Favourite Quote:

Brandon: "Is there an Olive here?"

Rosemary: "There's a whole jar of them in the fridge!"

My Ratings: 9.5/10


Do leave me suggestions of movies to watch in the comment section below.

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