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My Rupunzel Moments


How are you all? I am currently trying to get my self in an abyss of physics. If you haven't guessed yet, I have my physics finals which is in less than 48hrs.

I do like the subject but the problem with me is, I can't explain what i mean on paper. My hand gestures are like 80% of my explanation. When you take that away, well, you can guess what happens.

Now in spite of my physics exams tearing down my door and entering my house guess what I spent one hour of my day doing?

If the title of the blog wasn't clear enough then let me tell you. I spent one hour of my precious 48hrs combing my tangled hair *cue music*

I laughed at that for 5 mins. I know I find these Disney puns way more hilarious than anybody else does.

Moving on..

My hair length now is what everyone calls the"Classic Length." It wasn't always like that. Till 5th grade my hair was strictly shoulder length. What changed?

I watched Tangled and felt that my only chance of being a princess was if my hair was long. My 5th grade logic was flawed (Obviously!). However, I proceeded with the plan of growing out my hair but didn't actually start till three years later.

And boy was I loving it!

I have been known to mildly injure people around me while attempting hair flips. Does that stop me?

Not at all!

I mean why would I miss out on all the drama and sass that is included in a hair flip?

Specially while playing a sport. During any game I always put my hair in a high ponytail. People who played with or against me quite a few times, know to keep their distance. There is always that possibility of me suddenly turning my head and BAAM!

My 'hair-lash' is a good defense during sports, trust me.

Furthermore, after scoring a basket or goal the hair flip is so very satisfying!

There are countless hairstyles that could be done with my hair. Cosplaying was never cheaper or easier! I could look like two separate people with just a hairstyle change.

Want people to know how you feel? Go for a hairstyle that portrays it!

Messy bun, ponytails, braids and so much more.

The downside?

Your worst enemy is tangled hair. Also, you will probably leave a trail of hair where ever you go. Which means you leave your DNA everywhere you go (Evidence!). How to prevent that? Comb/Brush your hair.

Today my hair had an extreme case of entanglement. With sheer determination and patience I untangled as much as I could and then I just gave up and went on BEAST MODE!

To others it looks more or less the same but I feel the emptiness where there was once hair.

I feel bald.

Bit of an exaggeration to be honest but why stop at the minimal feeling?

*Hair Flip*

Also, I do unnecessary hair flips all the time. If there is a live action movie of Rupunzel I volunteer.

Probably will end up being cast as "Hair extension #12" or something. #SadLife

Then again dreams do come true sometimes. Now I really hope my dream of acing my finals comes true.

Procrastinator out.





Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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