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Why didn't I write in 3 days?

Hulla everybody!

I realized that my usual opening phrase, "Yao! What's up?!" can get annoying considering I am not starting my youtube video but am writing a blog.

Hence, I have decided to not use it as frequently.

Now, if you are extremely fond of my blog (If not, love me!! Pleease) you would have realized that I did not post for three whole days! 72 hours without posting anything on this blog.

That is because I had an exam on the 1st of December and was busy preparing for it.

Now if you read my post from yesterday which is a short story you may be a little confused. But yes from time to time I will be writing short stories, reviews or other things which doesn't necessarily involve my life.

Though I have some interesting and hilarious days, they do not tend to always take place.

You may be asking, possibly rather sarcastically, "What?! Adreana doesn't always have an interesting and extremely hilarious day? Impossible!"

Yeah yeah, I know right!

But it is indeed true. And in those days I shall write short stories or reviews of some sort or maybe a previous hilarious experience. I know I have mentioned this literally 3 paragraphs ago.

The thing is my examinations are going on and the days get hectic.

So to answer the question, I had and still have exams to finish. After which I will be more regular.





Until next time. Byeeeee!

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