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What am I pulling an all-nighter on a Saturday?

Yao! What's up?! It's currently 6:50am and I just realized the time and me being me I decided to write about it. Why?

I don't know I just felt like it. You see my finals are in a week and I am procrastinating at the utmost level. Thing is if I stopped wasting my time and started studying I would have genuinely finished all the work. But I am panicking too much to the point were I made the channel trailer for my second youtube channel which I highly doubt I'll post in. I've spent approximately 7 hours on youtube watching Gordan Ramsey cuss on horrible hotel owners, fangirled over iisuperwomanii and finally listening to depressing heartbreak songs.

I even put on nail polish on my thumb just to take an instagram picture of me holding a photo only to later not upload it. I am running out of shitty puns and jokes. Can you believe that? Well most likely you can considering you don't even know me. Point is I am usually funny and this exam stress is draining me of my comic lifestyle.

I am wasting my time procrastinating due to the stress of my exam. I guess that is the life of a university student.

So to answer the question. I am writing this blog to furthermore procrastinate and not study. Here is a gif of how I feel. .




Until next time. Byeeeee.

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