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The Unpleasant Trip Back

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hulla Everybody!!

Hope you all are doing well.

Guess where I am? Yep, back in Vancouver.

I already had my first day of classes and boy I can't wait for Summer break.

I am actually pretty tired and jet lagged. My flight back was terrible! Okay, not entirely true.

My flight was supposed to start at 12:30 am on the 8th of January from my home country but flight got delayed an hour. Initially, I was happy because it meant that my layover is going to be only for six hours.

Now I was keen on not falling asleep on the five-hour flight to Guangzhou or the six-hour layover because that would help me get accustomed to Vancouver time. I really overestimated my self-control over my sleep.

Till I landed in Guangzhou things were fine, my plan was in the works. After spending almost two hours in a line to get my boarding pass and another thirty minutes getting through security check I found myself a place to seat.

I made sure I was getting good wifi signal because I was communicating with my parents and sister back and forth. I mean they were obviously worried because I was all alone in an airport of an unknown place.

I don't know if it was the 2.5 hours spent waiting and standing or me not sleeping for 24+ hours (okay I knew why) but I was extremely drowsy. My eyelids were getting heavy and at times I dozed off for a few seconds till my mind jerked back to reality. My mother was telling me to get some sleep as I still had 3.5 hours to go but I was too anxious about missing my flight.

Also for some reason, I had to reconnect to the wifi every 10 or so minutes which meant my call kept on getting disconnected. After what happened to my phone the last time (Wanna read about it? Link) I wasn’t trusting it with its alarm and my mother won’t be able to call if there was no wifi connection. So, while talking to mother dearest I was walking around to stay alert. Then I realized that I could just sit in the waiting area in front of my assigned gate. I checked my boarding pass to see what my gate number was.

Looking around I didn't see the gate number so like a logical person I went to the information desk and asked where the gate was.

The women looked at me as if I committed a crime, took a short pause and pointed towards the area where I had the security check. So being confused I asked again and she downright ignored me.

I kid you not she turned around and started talking to her colleague, completely blocking me out. I was visibly annoyed and that didn't change anything. After the fourth time, I gave up and went to a nearby sitting area.

Surprisingly I heard someone call my name.

I looked up from my phone to see a friend of mine and we got to talking. Her situation was way worse. She had a nineteen-hour layover which meant she was getting an overnight hotel but the women in the information desk rudely dismissed her. The first time she asked where she had to go, one of them said that she wasn't eligible for the hotel. Even after she explained that she paid extra for it, the women looked unconcerned and ignored my friend’s existence.

So my friend was stuck in the airport until her flight time. I stopped complaining about my situation after hearing her story.

As my flight time was getting near I said my goodbyes to her and went to search for my gate. Thankfully I found it. It was on the left to the security check area so the woman wasn't completely unhelpful. Although, extremely rude.

After settling down on a seat near the gate I checked my boarding pass to see that they wrote a different flight time. Instead of 2 pm, it said 3 pm.

In the end, there was a delay of three hours in total. I think I was mostly annoyed because I was so tired and my plane seat was waiting for me to sleep on. All in all the flight back was good just the layover was bothersome. Also, my friend had a good flight back too, in case you were wondering.

My suggestion guys, get a good sleep before you travel and eat well or your chances of feeling bad in the trip is high. Anyways, do you have any interesting travelling story? Let me know.





Until Next Time. Byeeeee.

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