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A Surprise for my Bestfriend

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hulla Everybody!!

Hope you all are doing well.

I am extremely happy today, so we are taking a break from me being a party pooper.

Today's 6th of January which means it's my best friend, Samiha's birthday. Let's call her "Samweeha" (Try it with a baby voice it's very cute, just like her).

So little human Samweeha finally turned 18!!

Now let's take things back a little and start the story with a trip down memory lane.

I met Samweeha 10 years before the date I initially thought I did. One fine day I was waiting to for the Chemistry teacher to show up and not so secretly praying he forgot there were classes when suddenly I saw this shy (which isn't true) adorable human waiting as well.

I think this is the point where I clarify that this was an extra class, so the sections were mixed and matched. Now I was sure I didn't know her but somehow, she looked familiar.

As you all know me, I am a

social butterfly (*dramatically acts proud*).

So, I wasn't surprised when she approached me and said, "Hey I think I know you."

In my head, I was like, "Human. Of course, you know me."

…. Just kidding, I was utterly terrified thinking about which embarrassing moment she had witnessed me in. Turns out we knew each other from Taekwondo class.

After that day she ended up switching classes and we slowly became best friends. Now a little fast forward to September 2017. I was planning on going back home to visit and I was setting my flight timings and dates when I realized that it was my best friend's birthday on the 6th of January.

If you know me well enough, you would be aware that sometimes I go all out with birthday gifts and surprises for my loved ones.

So, I came up with a plan for Samweeha's birthday. I will trick her into believing that I won't be able to be there for her birthday and when she least expects it.. BOOM! Surprise!!

But wait what is the surprise? Pfft.. Me of course.

I know what you are thinking. "Adreana you are so good with surprises!" Yes, I am aware.

*flips hair with pride* (... and a tint of narcissism)

No, but hear me out, I lied to her and told her my flight back is on the day before her birthday. Making her believe that I will in no way be a part of her birthday. Okay, I am aware that doesn’t make me look like a good person. Don't lie kids.

The reason she wanted me to be there aside from me being there was her birthday letter. She gets a letter per birthday from me. This year she was expecting me to give it to her myself because I wasn’t able to last time.

I involved her younger sister in the plan because I needed a way to know ensure that everything will run smoothly.

Now here is the thing, I tell this girl almost everything, so it took a huge toll on me by not being able to tell her what I was up to. It went to the point where I was lowkey ignoring the topic of my visit.

There were a few times in those months were my secret was almost out.

Now Samiha and my mother are “meme buddies.” So she tried a few times to ask my mother and my precious mother didn’t want to lie to her so she was dodging the questions. Which raised suspicions.

There was the other time (last week) when I went over to her place and she asked me to give her letter to her a bit early. So that even if I wasn’t there on her birthday, I would still be the person to give it to her. I panicked and blurted out, “I gave the letter to your sister so that she can give it to you on the 6th.”

You might be thinking, “That is not shady.” Well, it wouldn’t have been if her sister knew what we were talking about and because she didn’t her expressions made Samiha think that things were shady.

However, the best time was when my mother and I met her and her mother unexpectedly in front of a shop. She went in for a hug and said, “I can’t believe this is the last time we are meeting.”

I was smiling as I was hugging her because my plan was clearly working but just then my mother asked, “Aren’t you guys meeting after today?”

My eyes went wide, and I turned and looked at my mother in disbelief and managed to say, "No, believe I leave tomorrow". Samiha’s mother was having a hard time not laughing. Miraculously Samiha didn’t question that at the time and I was filled with relief.

In the end, my plan worked out and it was worth lying to her just to see the smile on her face as I gave her the letter myself.

My surprise might not seem that special but to her it was and that is what matters. Do you guys have any stories about surprises you gave? Let me know





Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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