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A Letter to the Future (Short Story)

Dear Future,

I hope you are doing well.

It has been a while since I last wrote to you, ten years to be exact. I was a grumpy fourteen-year-old worrying about my finals and my long list of problems regarding my social life. Back then Chemistry was the hardest subject I came across, my love life was basically me praying to be noticed by my crush and I had more friends than I could keep track of. I was worried about getting into the basketball team and not being replaced in the volleyball team by a less deserving senior. Things were so good back then and yet all I did was complain and complain.

As you may have heard from Past, the last ten years has progressively given me worse problems. By the age of fifteen, it was confirmed, in front of my entire batch, that I was never going to be half as good as my older brother. My best friends left me at the first sight of trouble. There are a few things that will always haunt me. The anxiety and stress I had hidden would finally surface causing me to have the panic attacks. And I would be publicly humiliated atleast three more times.

I would cry myself to sleep every night from the age of eighteen, not being able to handle the increasing pressure given by my university. My sleep schedule along with my social life would be almost nonexisting. By the age of twenty, I started starving myself to lose the weight I was gaining while pulling all-nighters and eating snacks. I once had to repeat an entire semester for not being able to make it to classes for three weeks due to my sickness. It caused my CGPA to go lower than my self-esteem.

Once or maybe twice I tried to make sure I had no future. I was tired of waiting for it to be good.

Look at me complaining again, some things really never change.

In these ten years, I learned a few things. Nobody but I had the power to make me happy, I just had to see the optimistic side of things. I just had to be patient while working my way up.

You did, however, give me one thing I asked for in my last letter to you.


So far in my letter, I wrote about the tragedies. I did not tell you about the four friends that stood up for me when I was insulted. I also did not tell you how my brother who supported me throughout everything. We became closer than we could have ever imagined back then. I found people who were going through similar problems as me and we learned to help each other.

Oh! How could I forget?

At the young age of sixteen, you gave me the privilege to meet the love of my life. It's been eight years and we are still together. Every night when I cried he was there to console me. Every time he understood I was starving myself he would cook for me. Long before we hit our two year anniversary I knew I wanted to marry him.

I have a strong bond with my family and especially my brother. I have a few friends that I know has my back always. I am almost at the end of my undergrad program and I am with the love of my life.

I have many future plans.

Getting a good job, buying my parents a house, paying back my student loans, possibly marrying the love of my life.

Today is the 31st of December. I know you have a lot in store for me. Unlike last time, I won't ask for much. I just hope you are good to me.



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