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The time I saw a ghost(?)

Hulla Everybody!!

How are you all?

I am very much enjoying my vacation. However, there was this one incident…

I am sometimes a superstitious person. I mean if I am alone and I hear a door creak, I will be packed and ready to leave the house.

Now let's rewind.

A few days back, both my parents were away from home at the same time and it was getting late. So me being the brave person I am, I locked myself in my parent's room.

What? Don't judge me.

I tried my best to concentrate on the hilarious memes my best friends were sending. (A small shoutout to the friends who always has memes stacked up for every occasion.) Now, while I was laughing at one such meme I heard a small buzzing noise and I froze mid-laugh which caused me to end up in a coughing fit.

After getting my coughs under control, it was time for my heart to leap back into my chest cavity (not literally guys). I looked around the room that I previously assumed to be safe.

I was even questioning if I should've brought some salt and iron but soon I found the mosquitoes who were the culprits behind the buzzing noise.

Yes, the mosquito scared me. Haha very funny (-_-). I was genuinely scared people.

Anyways, now I knew that memes couldn't distract me any longer so I went to YouTube and spent the next hour and a half watching Vine compilations.

Man, I sound like a dad trying to blend in with their teenager.

After a while, I called my mother to check and see how long exactly did I have to be scared *cough* I mean brave. She said that they were on their way but if I wanted I could have my dinner and fall asleep.

You would think I was going to wait one more hour right? Umm Nope!

At the moment I asked myself, "Why did you not think of this idea before?"

See, if I was under my covers and asleep no way the ghosts could get to me. I just had to make sure I was tucked in.

I gathered my things, opened the room's door, switched off the light and ran to my room even though the hallway had lights. I shut the door as if supernatural beings cannot walk through the wood.

While keeping my room's light on, I fell asleep while remembering happy memories.

I didn't know how long it had been but I suddenly woke up with the feeling that somebody was staring at me. Everything happened within a few milliseconds.

My heart was beating out of my chest, suddenly it felt as if the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees but I was sweating. I saw the outline of a face and two eyes looking at me.

I screamed and put my bed cover over my head and kept my eyes shut.

As if blocking my own view would block whoever or whatever from seeing me.

Following the actions, I heard a female voice saying "Why are you scaring her?"

Wait. Umm, why is the ghost talking? And why exactly is one of them keen on not scaring me?

Hold up. I am back home, which means I live with my parents.

Did I just scream seeing my own father's silhouette?

I was embarrassed beyond what words can explain. What have I done?

As you are reading this line, you have probably come to the conclusion that this blog was a clickbait. Partly, you are not wrong but I mean at the moment I was indeed under the impression that I saw a ghost so that counts.. right?






Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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