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Just a Dream (Short Story)

While walking by the river, I felt the cold breeze on my face. I am left mesmerized by the greenery. I inhale as much as my lungs can contain.

Another day gone...

I can still smell the sweet fragnance on my jacket. I pull my earphones out from my ears and keep them in my pocket. No need for the extra music.

I smile to myself... this is exactly why i like walking home. So that I can witness the beauty of nature. I think of the beautiful world I am surrounded by. Closing my eyes I visualize the beauty of everything around me.

The beauty of her.

If only she knew.

But then again...

It's all against the odds. Besides.. It's just a dream


He limps slightly when he walks though it is barely visible. Fourteen times he twisted his ankle, one time however it was bad enough that he needed a cast. And you'd think he'd learn?

Basketball is his life.

He cant stay without it. Of course perks of being injured is that he gets to sit around at home and enjoy his gaming life.

Torn between two lives. Or he likes believe for dramatic effects. He dribbles the basketball and moves forward. He stops right before the three metre line, aims and shoots.

He scores.

If only it was that easy to get people to like you, I thought as I kept the ball back in it's place. I walk into the boys changing room. I wouldn't want to be late for English class.

That's when i get to sit beside her.

I smelled my t-shirt for good measures. Doesnt smell that bad. Nothing a good amount of perfume can't hide.

I walk down the hallway and see Sam coming over.

"HELLO JARED!" Trying to get him to understand that he is loud I wince and point to my ears. He pulls down his headphones seeing my reaction.

"Sorry about that mate. Watup?"

I smile. He knows exactly what's up.

"Oh right. You don't have to tell me. Run to class. I heard Mr. Gregory is going to make changes to the sitting arrangement." He winks at me and walks over to his Chemistry class.

I waste no time and run to the classroom. The only tolerable class and that also because of who I sit next to. No way, he can change my seat. Well he can, I just don't want him to.

As i enter the classroom, I see Mr. Gregory re-shuffling seats. After everyone settled down, I see that I still have a chance to sit beside her. I quickly walk over to that seat when Mr. Gregory calls my name.

"Mr. Stryder. A word please"

NO! NOT NOW! As I walk over to Mr. Gregory I flinch... because the empty seat is now taken by one of her friend. Great.. Simply Great.


"Mr. Stryder, your report was marvelous. Didn't expect something this nice from you. Good work." He pats my shoulder and points to an empty seat in the corner at the back of the class.

Why did I have to write that report? I take my seat and facepalm myself. And then notice Mr. Gregory looking at me, so to cover up the facepalm I slide my hand over my hair and pretend to fix it.

"Smooth move." I turn to my right and see Alexis smirking and doodling on her notebook.

Okay, atleast i am not sitting beside a complete stranger. I sort of know Alexis. We talked a few times. She is a well-known rule breaker and most people love her pranks.

"Yeah, I guess so." I tell her as I take out my notebook.

I then ask her. "Picked your own seat or where you placed here?"

"Picked it. I want to be away from specific people. Also Mr. Gregory barely cares about this end." She smiles mischievously.

"Goodmorning Class. Today, I'll ask a few people to come up here and read the essay they wrote regarding the topic.. 'Just a dream'."

"Please not again." Alexis murmurs.

"Alexis Ashford."

Sighing out loud, she stands up and walks over to the front of the class and takes her paper from Mr. Gregory.

Jared straightens up so that he is attentive. As he looks around, he sees that everyone seems to be curious to listen to her. Whether Alexis knew it or not, she had a way of capturing the audience's attention.

This was going to be good.


*Snippet from a story I wrote back in 2015*

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