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My 18hrs commute

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hulla Everybody!

Guess where I am?!


Exams done! Stress gone... till results day at least.

Ah yes for those who didn't know, I am an international student. See I turned 18 few months ago and I was pretty excited as it meant that I was considered an adult in most parts of the world. Which means I can now travel alone without any extra hassle.

I dont care about drinking. My priorities lie elsewhere.

After loads of planning I finally had a date fixed to fly back home, few days after my exams end. WOOHOO!

After laying aside the idea of packing my suitcase for a month, I finally got that done just two days before my flight. I didnt really have much to pack but I did put my suitcase in a larger suitcase, just in case I have more things to bring from back home.

I travelled with China Southern airlines. Which meant my transit was in Guangzhou.

At first I had mixed feelings about travelling alone. I mean 3 hours of layover included, it was an 18 hours commute over the Pacific Ocean and some more. However, I later on found out that a friend of mine had the same flight. I was very lucky. Finally, travelling alone (technically) was going to be fun.

During check in we requested for seats next to each other. Though the letters in our boarding pass gave us the impression that we had soomeone else sitting inbetween us, we soon realised that was not the case. We seats in the second last row of the plane. You know what that means. We were very close the food carts.

Turns out that wasnt good for me. Forty minutes after the take off I requested for a Sprite which I received very quickly. Before I could finish the drink a flight attendant asked if I wanted "Chicken or Fish" for lunch.

I chickened out from having fish.




Yes I find myself hilarious. Moving on. While trying to set down the tray, I spilled my drink all over my jeans and because my hair is very long it also got on my hair.

I was in a bit of a sticky situation. (I am the only one laughing aren't I?)

Thankfully, she handed me wet towels but I still had to use the washroom to clean up. Soon after I sat back down in my seat and enjoyed the meal. See there weren't many new in-flight movies but they had some good ones. I mean I spent a lot of time staring out the window and enjoying the view but I couldn't possibly do that for the next eleven hours.

After aprroximately six hours I heard a low tummy rumble. Thank the lords they soon served dinner. Good food both times. I actually really liked the food China Southern airlines provided. Oh also, we had a lot of turbulance and the pilots handled it like a pro. Many times I found myself holding onto the armrest tightly but everytime we made it through.

Before I knew it, we were in Guangzhou. Precisely after three hours we made our way to board our second flight.

In spite of the fog and somewhat bad turbulance we reached the final destination (pun seriously unintended) only 10 minutes late. If I had to give my opinion on China Southern, I would say they that are an overall good airlines. They are on time, affordable, has good food, has very friendly and helpful flight attendants and really good pilots. Though the seating arrangement may seem confusing in the boarding pass, it is quite simple and the flight attendants help if there is any confusion. I would give them a solid 4.5 out of 5.

I would definitely travel with them again.

Now I shall leave to go enjoy the home cooked meals I have been deprived of for far too long!





Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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