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The Time I met Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins


How are you all?

Hope you guys are doing well. I am in a state of bliss. First of all, I am done with my exams and second I met JOYCE and JACQUELINE ROBBINS!!

Yes, the twins from the Netflix show, "A Series of Unfortunate Events".

My sister once told me that she saw them in a grocery store nearby and I asked her why she didn't go and talk to them. Later on, I went on telling her that if I ever saw them, I would totally talk to them. Of course at the time I was just sounding all confident as I never thought the situation would actually arise.

On the 8th of December, my sister and I decided to change our study atmosphere and went to the Tim Horton's nearby.

During one of my many moments of frustration, my sister got my attention and said, “Look at your 5 O’Clock but not right now, give it a few seconds.”

However, as you can guess, like every other hyper curious homo sapien, I immediately turn around.

It was the twins!!!

It took me 20 mins to finally build up the courage to go talk to them and get a picture. I asked my sister to tag along as moral support because I was super nervous.. Ahem.. I mean umm just to take the photograph...

I was super confident! (tsk tsk, lies I tell myself.)

With every step I took towards them I felt like turning around and walking the other way. But this was the first time I was about to meet celebrities that lived in my neighbourhood. Also, they were the hilariously loyal henchwomen of Count Olaf!!

As soon as I stood in front of them (my inner-self was screaming, “You are not prepared for this! RUN!”) I asked if they were “Jacqueline and Joyce.”

With whole-hearted smiles, they said they were! They stood up and hugged us and.. they even offered to give us their autographs!! Which we obviously agreed to!

Honestly, I didn’t expect them to be so nice and kind. I mean we spent about thirty minutes talking to them. I KNOW RIGHT!

As soon as I told them my name, Joyce mentioned how one of Shakespeare’s character’s name was “Adriana.” I felt that I vigorously nodded and grinned in agreement. You see, I am aware that the spelling of the character’s name and my name is different but I forgot to mention that initially. However, they were keen on getting the name right in the autograph hence they turned the mistake into something creative.

Autographs from Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins

Look at that! “Take 1”. How many times have you seen that in an autograph?

They asked us about our universities and how we were doing.

Here is the thing, I cannot stress enough about how genuinely interested and kind they were. They went on praising us and wishing us good luck for our future.

Oh! Guess what we got to know? One of their parents is Russian and their father was a doctor. By the way, if you didn’t know, Joyce and Jacqueline were educators for twenty years. In the article (written a few years ago) they signed for us, it mentioned how they moved to Vancouver to expand their careers and that their dream job was to work on a children’s series or sitcom.

They are honestly very inspirational. They're living proof that pursuing your dreams even after having a successful career is possible, as long as you follow your heart. I mean they got to work with “Daniel Handler,” the author of “A series of Unfortunate Events.” Joyce told us that they tried to make the show as close to the book as possible.

Also, I happen to know a little insight on which episodes they will be on in season two. AAAAAAAH! They are absolutely wonderful people!

Here is the thing, I am a fan of this Netflix show and every character in it. I found the “White Face Women” played by Jaqueline and Joyce Robbins particularly funny and amusing. I really cannot believe that I met them. OH! I even have pictures to prove it!

Jacqueline, Me and Joyce. (I hope I got them right)

AHHH!!! I looked like a potato but look at them!! They look marvellous. They are very inspirational people, and they even asked me to come say hi to them if we ever meet again. Meeting them was really the highlight of my week.

Now I want to be best friends with them and talk to them for hours.

Joyce and Jacqueline if you guys are reading this, “HELLO! I love you guys!”

Damn you finals! I didn’t want to leave but I had to because of my exams.

So that my friends, is how my series of unfortunate events (finals) ended on a happy note.





Until Next Time! Byeeeee.

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