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My First Snow


Yes, I am posting today in spite of saying that I might not be able to. Which is very true but I took a break from studies and thought it was better to write a blog than fall into the daily series of procrastination with YouTube.

In the country I was born in, it never snowed. Therefore, the idea of snow was fascinating. So much so that when I was twelve years old, I forced my parents to take me to a huge artificial Igloo in an amusement park.

Now here is the thing, it exactly how I imagined an igloo to be except everything was artificial. There was fake snow, fake icicles and even a fake frozen lake but the one thing that was real was the freezing temperature of the room. They made us suit up in warm jackets with gloves and everything. At the time, it was the best day of my life.

Unable to walk in the over sized clothes I was given, mixed with the soapy mixture falling from the ceiling as fake snow, it was safe to say I stumbled a few times. I was still so very happy. Couldn't say the same when I had a hard time getting the weird smell of the fake snow off of my hair.

Fast forward to a few years later. One fine afternoon while I was packing my suitcase I came to the ground breaking and sudden realization that I was going to Canada.

Don't get me wrong I knew I was going to Canada. However, in the rush of packing and everything else I forget that Canada was cold! On top of that I was travelling in the Winter which meant SNOW!

Extremely excited I started planning how my snow man would look. I don't know why but in my head I over-glorified the ritual of building a snowman.

No one could stop me now! I would be running and rolling on snow, making snow angels and snowmen. Ah! The life to live.

Now I don't know how much you know about Canada but know this, Vancouver is a city where it barely snows. Maybe 8-9 days in a year or something. Which was not enough!

What's a snow angel if I am only able to make it with the palm of my hands? So I got bummed out again.

With the thought of only being able to make a 'snowgie', i went back to packing.

By the time I reached Vancouver I got very very exciting news.

Guess what?


And boy was I hyped up.

December of 2016 Vancouver saw a lot of snow and I was a very happy human who enjoyed building her strangely shaped snowman and snow angels.

It was shocking that I didn't catch a cold. It truly was a beautiful winter.

Until... the snow didn't end in January. It continued.

You know how too much of anything is not fun anymore? Yeah, that's what happened. Even Vancouver wasn't prepared for it.

However, I still enjoyed the snow. Also if you are a person who never experienced snow before then let me tell you something. I recommend you get into a snowball fight. The feeling is unbelievable, specially when you hit where you aimed.

Now in the midst of December. I hope I get indulged in snow and be able to forget the world around me as I make strangely shaped snowmen and snow angles.

Wait, never mind it's 4th of December and I just checked the weather forecast. They are barely expecting any snow this year.

While I am lowkey praying that snow days happen resulting to the cancellation of ALL of my exams, I must now go get back to studying.





Until Next Time! Bye.....

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