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The Irene to my Adelina

Yao! What's up?!

Let's get the norm out of the way, I had a very hectic day. My sleep deprived self somehow made it through the classes which is quite amusing to me.

Finals starts from Friday and I am not looking forward to them, though I am looking forward to going back home as soon as the next few horrid weeks pass.

However, today I am not here to talk about my exam but about how I turn into a completely different human being when I try to function with minimal sleep and the experiences that followed. Word of advice, don't follow this.

Going a little off track, bare with me. If you ever saw my sister and I together you could never guess we are sisters. Close friends with a little resemblance maybe or cousins twice removed but never sisters from the same mother-ship.

With each of us taking photographs alternatively with our parents will convince you that we are our parents' children however, separately never. Sometimes our family photos look like "a family of three" plus one. Now which one of us sisters is the plus one varies based of your observation and opinion.

I cannot stress enough about how unalike we look physically.

Now continuing with the main build up of the story.

With sleep deprivation I somehow lost the ability to filter my thoughts and what I actually say. I was unable to concentrate on what exactly someone was telling me, and me feeling awkward for asking a person to repeat themselves over three times, to which I ended up answering with sentences completely different from the topic of the conversation. Learn from me and get good sleep. Live a healthier life and you shall be productive (I think this is a good time for me to mention that this blog may or may not be the product of less productivity, but I found the story hilarious and decided to share it nonetheless).

My sister and I ended up at a restaurant to get takeout for dinner. During the waiting process after ordering I have accused the soda machine of peeing and messing with my mind with flashing lights (???????). I also got lost in my trail of thoughts and stared at a person shamelessly without knowing. In that time I also mentioned quite a few times about how I did not want food from this particular place but instead 'only' wanted water.

At one point my sister just gave up on trying to comprehend what i was really saying and sat with her back facing towards me. Now a very.... amusing.. lady, who I wouldn't have noticed if she didn't say something that left me 'shook', kept on glancing at my sister and I back and forth. I didn't find it odd as I thought she was just seriously judging me and my sentences at the time.

After a brief moment of silence she asked, "Are you two twins?"









I couldn't help myself and looked at my sister as portrayed in the gif above. Fortunately the lady was busy waiting for a reply from my now dumbfounded sister to notice my look.

Politely we replied no. Silence still looming on us I heard my sister's name being called to pick up the order.

To our surprise the 'amusing lady' got up and took the food.

Yet again I turned to my sister with the same look and quickly proceeded to say that there may have been a mix up.

To clear confusion the employee called the name out again.

Exactly three seconds later (yes, I counted) the lady said, "Oh! I thought you said Irene."

My head was trying to process how the syllables " A ", "day" , "Li", "Na" was anything similar to "Eye", "Rin".

Believing that my mind was just playing tricks I merely followed my sister out of the place.

Thankfully, my confusion was cleared out when my sister bursted into laughter. My mind wasn't playing tricks on me!

I really hope you did find my story as amusing and oh so hilarious as I found it to be. Now I shall crawl into my bed and sleep.





Until next time. Byeeeee.

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