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Why am I looking like a red tomato in the bus?

Yao! What's up?!

I took an enormous revolutionary step today. Or you could say it's a "Step Up revolution."

Be honest, how much did u cringe? Because i know that looking back to this I'll facepalm myself.

Anyways, today i bought my own domain. And the feeling was not at all what i expected.

First of I was freaking out about what i did because now I had to be regular with my uploads or it would seem to be a waste of money. Second i was stressed about how I will earn through this website, considering I dont really have many viewers/readers. The second problem can be solved if I promote the website among peers and friends, which brings us to the third problem.

I am shy. I am extremely extremely shy when it comes to self promoting. I know i am just supposed to drop the links and tell people to check it out but it's... Idk.. Embarrassing.

The reason it feels that way is because i dont think I am ready for criticism on my work (which is this website). I didn't really build it from scratch but i did have to choose every function that goes in the website.

Basically this website is my baby and i don't want anyone to tell me that it is ugly. ._____.

Okay maaaaaybe it isn't that serious.

Point is I am shy and cannot promote my website but without promotion i dont know how long this will last.

Now if you are talking to your screen and saying, "Adreana it isn't that big of a deal just talk to people, you are a self proclaimed extrovert."

Let me stop you right there. I am a model showcase extrovert who secretly dies a little when placed in a social event regardless of how my attitude seems to be.

So here is my somewhat stress and panic free plan. I work on making my website better in the course of a month and then start promoting. Meanwhile if someone stumbles across and happens to like my blogs and stay (i am praying this is the case) then who am i to stop them.

So to answer the question, I told my bestfriend about the website and he was enjoying the fact I was shy about it and prolonged my torture by asking more questions. Atlas, my face was red even though I was chatting with him through messenger. Now I must leave and get back to studying as my finals are starting in 4 days.

Procrastinator out.





Until next time. Byeeeee.

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