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Why am I singing "Let it go" at midnight?

Yao! What's up?!

So yesterday I pulled an all-nighter. I finally fell asleep at 10:30am and woke up at 4:00pm. Kids... That is a bad thing to do.

I don't think I would have woken up even at 4pm if I didn't have something planned later on.

Okay, a little back story. Back in September my sister ditched me on my birthday to watch her favourite band "Coldplay." Through my VERY successful plan I made her feel so bad that not only did she host a surprise birthday party for me the day after, she also bought "HALSEY" concert tickets! I'll tell you guys about that concert some other day. Also, she got tickets to "Disney on Ice." In all honesty I was cool with the whole situation.

My 6 year old to present self simultaneously burst into tears as I was about to see my favourite disney characters on ice!

I was unaware of the show till yesterday. My sister kept it a secret for about 2 months before I figured out where we were going on the Sunday she told me to not plan anything.

I mean I knew my cunning plan worked but I didn't know it worked so well that 3 best days of my life would take place because of it.

Now back to the main story.

I woke up in the afternoon (Please if you know my mother, do not tell her.) and searched through my clothes to find anything disney. Guess what? My clothing collection were darker than Snow White's hair. Everywhere I looked it was mostly black, then dark grey, dark blue and very rarely spring colours.

I didn't give up hope though I searched through the abyss of clothes only to pile them up on my bed, then realised I just had to "let it go" *cue music*.

I ended up wearing something grey as that was how I felt (man I should write poetry.) We made it to the show 30mins before it began. Let me tell you the cold was bothering me. It was apparently extra cold because Elsa was in the house.

First part of the show had the "Mickey Mouse" gang followed by the "Inside Out" characters narrating the story and the prince and princesses of Disney (aside from "Frozen" characters).

Ariel did some Aerial tricks and it was mind blowing. All the characters were AMAZING! I think I may have scared the kids sitting in front of me with all my fangirling.

And can you believe Prince Eric waved at me, well possibly he waved generally at my section but for the sake of the story he waved at me okay?

The second half of the show had DORY! THE TOY STORY characters and of course, the "Frozen" characters.

The use of the props and the music was so epic that the one year old beside me was dancing along (mostly jumping on spot).

The show ended with a much bigger and beat-y version of "let it go" and ALL the characters came out and danced along.

Hats off to them really. I mean if I am being honest this was as close to Disneyland or DisneyWorld I am getting to in the next few years and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Moral of the story? Sometimes, make use of your caring sister's vulnerability in order to get the best things out of life. But don't do it too often, they will catch on.

In all seriousness though, I am really lucky to have a sister like her. I mean she is after all the only one who always reads my blog :').

(I know you are reading this, I love you.)

And now she shall face the wrath of my broken voice.

So to answer the question, I am singing at midnight because the song isn't getting out of my head and hence I must "Let it go". The amount of unnecessary Frozen puns I made is making me cringe. .




Untill Next Time. Byeeeee.

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