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Why am I blogging?

Yao! What's up?!

I am pretending that someone is reading this. Which is quite impossible. These blogs are more for myself than for anyone else. But if someone is reading then who am I to complain.

Just to make it easier for me, I will be pretending that I am writing to somebody. Makes this a whole lot less weird.

This is like my public diary. Out there for anyone to find. Okay, truth be told I want someone to read my blogs. Now bear with me.

Wait a minute. If all that makes you want to stop reading my future blogs then all I have to say is..

Please don't go I promise i am funnier.

But I can't promise to be regular (didn't work out for my youtube channel). But I shall write as frequently as I can.

To the person who mistakenly stumbled upon this blog, maybe reading these will show you that you are not alone in your awkward moments and procrastination levels rising.

So to answer the question. I am writing the blog as my very own way of therapy to deal with things in my life that doesn't have much significance compared to other people's problems.. Or this is my road to fame to get discovered and then become a full time famous published author. Either one works.

Let me guess, you are never again going to read my blog?





Fair enough.

Untill next time. Byeeeee.

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